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When dental surgery is required, you’ll feel better when you’re treated by a dentist and team you already know and trust. At LES Dental Group, attention to excellence and world class results aren’t our only priorities. We know surgical procedures can cause anxiety. Thanks to IV Sedation, enhanced safety procedures, and our friendly team, you’ll feel completely comfortable before, during, and after your procedure.

A perfect solution if you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth. A dental implant can be used to support the most natural looking tooth replacement and can dramatically improve your smile, eating and confidence.

Extraction are commonly performed in cases where a deciduous “baby” tooth is reluctant to fall out, a severely broken down and non-restorable tooth is present, or “wisdom tooth” is poorly positioned and unable to fully erupt into place.

It’s normal to be nervous before oral surgery. That’s what sedation is for:

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